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Chargeback Protection

iWantClips has yet again provided an industry first with the offering of chargeback protection to you and all Stores and Studios on IWC. This feature is completely voluntary. This program provides a sense of security and peace of mind, ensuring you will not be penalized for a customer’s chargeback. Your earnings level will be reduced by 5%.

iWantClips Stores/Studios may opt into Chargeback Protection at any time they would like but it is not retroactive, meaning all transactions since opting into Chargeback Protection will be covered. 

Chargeback Protection subscriptions may not be cancelled until the end of each month. Stores may choose to cancel their subscription at any time but it will not take effect until the start of the next month. 

Please note that the default selection is no coverage and this implies that all chargebacks along with any fees imposed will be applied. 

IWC reserves the right to refuse this offer to any store as it sees fit. 

*In the event that we receive a chargeback from any user, that user immediately receives an automatic ban from all of the iWantEmpire platforms. Additionally, the payment information they used is blacklisted from future purchases on all iWantEmpire platforms.